A walked dog is a balanced dog,  we will exercise

your dog in the fresh air.  $18 - per walk

Some pets have separation anxiety or feel more secure at home than at a boarding facility.  We come to your home and spend the night.  This service includes dinner and breakfast feedings as well as exercise after both meals.  If your pet requires any oral or topical medications this will be provided free of charge.  Midday walks are also available at a reduced charge with this service.  Price depends on consultation/location and number of pets.  $85 and up depending on the amount of pets.  Please call for exact pricing.

We provide oral and topical medications free of charge with any service.  Insulin or other types of injections will be an additional charge.  $5.

For those pets who do not need overnight care, we provide a morning, afternoon and evening visit along with feedings and medications$50

Vacation Care


Does your pet use a harness, sling or chair?  We cater to disabled pets!  No extra charge.

Cats and Small Animals

Disabled Pets

Potty Breaks

What We Do!

Do you have a puppy or a senior pet that needs potty breaks?  We will come to your home for a  visit that includes outside potty breaks, clean up and play/cuddle time. $16 per visit.

Senior pets need special care.  When our pets get older they may have trouble getting around and going to the bathroom among other issues.  While discussing your pet at our free meet and greet we will go over any and all issues your pet may be having so that we can take the best care possible  No extra charge!.

Dog Walking

Senior Pet Care

Overnight Care

Going on vacation or does your pet need visits for medications or feedings?  We'll give your kitty or small animal exercise and play time along with any food or medications it needs.  $16 per visit.

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