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Senior and Disabled Pets

Top Pets NH, Pet Sitting Services, Wilton, NH

Senior and Disabled pets are cherished at Top Pets NH!

We don't charge extra for administering meds, and  shots and subcutaneous fluids are only $5 extra.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Services


Pet Sitting and Vacation Care
Dog Walking

Dogs LUV walks! The routine, the exercise, the chance to get out and smell the fresh air. At least one long walk per day is essential to doggie peace of mind and fitness. 

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Your pets stress out enough when you're away! Why send them to a kennel? With in your home pet sitting, your pets enjoy the comfort of their own familiar surroundings and routines.

Here at Top Pets NH, we know your pets are part of the family. Whenever you work long hours, travel for business or are going on vacation, you can rest assured your home and your loved ones  are being looked after by the best! We are bonded and insured, members of and Professional United Pet Sitters. All our sitters go through a background check so you can feel worry free while you are away.